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I am Breeya Johnson

I’m a real estate investor and  a nerd when it comes to elevating my consciousness. My obsession is teaching others how to invest so that, they can make a true impact in their life and in the lives of others.

 A Kansas City real estate investor, educator, encourager and dog mom, my happiest days are spent sharing my knowledge on how to create a life by design.

Impact REI Course

The complete blueprint to launch and grow your real estate investing business.

 Are you ready for a different life? What if I told you, you could transform your life with real estate, would you believe it? With this course you will cut back years of failures and lessons because I have complied all my knowledge and my colleagues’ knowledge. And now, you can have a blueprint that will lead you to a fast track to success. 

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5 Social Media Hacks

Social media isn’t only for personal use anymore but a great place to grab some new clients. This guide will show you 5 ways realtors fail at social media.

Business Planning

This year is your year so take full advantage of every day. This guide will help you to turn your goals into a strategic action plan. 

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