Our Mission

Imagine a world where we all have equal access to the knowledge and ability to create financial wealth, financial freedom. What a world that would be and generational oppression would come to a complete halt. Our mission to mend that gap for everyone to have equal access and ability to create as much financial wealth as they desire. We take our Founder, Breeya Johnson’s, knowledge on Real Estate Investing and have created a platform to educate everyone, on all educational levels, on the ability to invest in Real Estate.


..The real estate industry makes more millionaires than any other industry and is one of the oldest way to accumulate wealth. A lot of people believe the real estate industry is to blame for the continual oppression of some cultures in the United States. A lot of cultures were unable to purchase homes in certain areas called red lining. This made it harder for other people outside of these desirable neighbors to acquire quality homes and have the ability to create wealth, by appreciation. I mean the real estate investing game has some real power behind it. 

So, it makes me think, what if my mother had the same knowledge of real estate investing as America’s wealthiest people, let me tell you, sh*t would be different! My mission is to educate as many people as I can! People who want to create something different…


Impacting communites

Creating equality and freedom to generate wealth