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entrepreneur. educator. investor

I am Breeya Johnson a mid-west girl passionate about creating, real estate and educating. I am obsessed with interior design, Mexican food and yoga pants. I have been impacting others since 1994.

Hey there!

I wasn’t always a real estate investor or even interested in the real estate world. In fact, just a few years ago, you would have found me in scrubs aimlessly jumping from one healthcare career to another. I thought I was destined to become the next CEO of a major hospital, I am so glad that did not work out. ​

At the age of 21, I started to learn about the real estate industry through my family and family friends. The real estate market was coming up from the hit of 2009 and everyone in Kansas City called themself an “investor”.

If you want to change the world, that change has to start with you first. You have to fill your cup before you can fill other peoples'.

Breeya Johnson

 I did not start like most investors, I found my oldest pair of yoga pants and an old baggy t-shirt and I jumped into a work truck. I interned with my uncle’s construction crew and learned the business from the inside out.


That knowledge led me to purchase my first rental property which, was a 11-unit apartment complex in Sugar Creek, Missouri. From that I grew a portfolio of over a million dollars within two years. I did not start with money or credit, I started with leveraging personal relationships. (A hidden talent of mine that I just can’t wait to share with you.)


Today you can find me curled up bed with my adorably needy pup educating others on how to create a life by design utilizing real estate. I may even have a burrito in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.


Wanna know what truly makes my soul dance? Impacting others and helping them to see that their dream life is awaiting them and creating a community of like-minded people. There is nothing more important to me than helping others achieve their awesomeness and if I can help them do it through real estate that is… EVERYTHING!

Get to know the

real me!

Here are 3 things all my BFFs know about me so, yeah we are besties now. 


Who is your favorite motivational speaker?

This is a hard one because I love a lot of people and everyone has a different message that I adore. If I had to choose just one person I would say Gary Vaynerchuk. I love his consistent and powerful message  and how relatable he is. 


What is one thing you would tell the younger you?

I would for sure tell the younger me that everything is going to be okay and that you are doing great. Growing up I was and even now still my worse critic which can become unhealthy.


On your days off what is the first thing you do?

On my days off I normally sleep and relax and binge watch some Netflix. I love documentaries and crime series, right now my favorite is How To Get Away With Murder. 

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