Join The Impact REI Course Where You Will Gain The Blueprint To A Successful Real Estate Investing Business As Breeya Exposes Never Before Shared Secrets to Creating an Abundant and Impactful Real Estate Investing Career


"Breeya has been a great tool for me to learn real estate. she is very knowledgable and really knows her stuff. I would like to continue to learn from her and developing a friendship. Breeya does a good job explaining things in detail which helps me out tremendously. I look forward to the months ahead and learning from her experience. Thanks a lot!"

- Josh, W.


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Module 1: Introduction

1. Deep Dive Why

2. Let's Get Clear

3. Delegate

4. Success Loop

5. One Thing

Module 3:


1. Market Like A Pro

2. Ideal Client

3. Target Location

4. Networking

5. Finding Buyers

6. Finding Sellers

7. Driving For Dollars

8. Email Campaign

9. Marketing Syles

Module 5: Negotiations

1. Personality Traits

2. Tactics

3. Professionalism

Module 7: Construction

1. The Interview

2. The Bid

3. Payday

4. Construction Process​

Module 2: Branding

1. Pick Your Style

2. Build Your Team

3. Business Structure

4. BBP

5. Branding Your Business

Module 4: The Deal

1. How To Run Comps

2. Lead Conversions

3. Due Diligence

4. Property Value 101

5. Formulas For Success 

Module 6: Financing

1. Owner Financing

2. Hard + Private Money 

3. Portfolio Lenders

Module 8: Exit Strategy

1. Sell With A Realtor

2. BRRRR Method

3. Hold!

4. What Ifs

5. The Wrap Up

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3 Bonus Interviews With Industry Experts + Guidebook Filled with Bonus Content

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