• Breeya Johnson

How I Got Started In Real Estate

Would you believe me if I said I was going to be a nurse. Cliche, I know! But, I went to school at the University of Missouri and received a Bachelor’s in Health Science and a minor in Business. Lets just say I was there to party because none of this made sense. I do not know how my journey led me to Real Estate Investing and consulting so, here we go.

When I was younger I had this strong knowing that I was here on Earth for something bigger than myself. I was always a big thinker and a smarty pants. I just felt like the world was mine, despite my environment telling me otherwise. I always wanted to be the President, like how cool, right? I even went through this assassin phase, it was a weird time and I solely blame it on a babysitter I had. He would always watch assassin movies and I would just be so intrigued. Okay don’t tell me you didn’t want to Angelina Jolie in the movie Wanted as well! Stop! But, as I got older the health industry was my jam. I wanted to be a Doctor then a radiologist then a CEO of a hospital so, it is safe to say I was either saving people or killing people no in between for younger Breeya.

When I finally graduated I had a degree that 1. I did not even remember what I could use it for and 2. Did not like of jobs that were offered to me. So, I applied to one job and one job only and moved back home in one of my dad’s rental properties. Of course, I did not get the job, not even the slightest bit so I was home with no money and my dad was like “ummmm how are you going to make money?”

My dad was starting something new he was learning about the real estate industry and had done two flips and started to build a rental portfolio. My dad offered to pay me as an intern and check out this new industry, while I was finding a job, and see if I like it. I took the opportunity because I had nothing better to do and I thought it would be a great way to connect with my dad. Our relationship was never the best but, this was a great opportunity for the both of us. I started off by sitting in a truck with my uncle for months, he has a construction crew. I would go with him on bids, to work sites, help him with payroll, etc. I got to see everything on the construction side of the business which, gave me an interesting outlook on real estate investing. Then I would drive around my area, network, connected with other investors and learned design.

I was a few months into this “internship” and I decided to dive in head first. Unlike some investors I started with an 11 unit complex. Surprisingly, I was not nervous or anything, I think it was because I was 21 and haven’t made any big decisions like that before. The biggest decision I made was, should I skip this chem class even though I am failing or should I go hang out with my friends not worry and have fun, life was hard in college can’t you tell?

Since, I took this unique approach to starting my investing career by focusing a lot on networking. I purchased this complex with no money down and I had no credit score. How did I do it? I leveraged personal relationships, everyone believed in me and my kick-ass team behind me. They also knew I was highly connected and through those connections I created multiple security nets.

From that one investment I learned to leverage multiple relationships, multiple properties and created a rental portfolio worth an estimation of million dollars within a year and a half. This whole journey started with no money and no credit. Do you see why I believe so much in this industry, it is so beautiful!