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  • Breeya Johnson

How to Create Successful Systems In Business

We’ve all heard that systems are the key to business success but we never hear that they could also be the demise of your business. Took a dark turn, huh? Well, this is the truth if your systems are not built on proven success then...well...let me be honest…you're wasting your precious time. This is something not a lot of people are disclosing: to have a successful system you must first find success.

The whole goal of a system is to keep producing the results you are already getting with the intentions of increasing sales in an automated and systemic way. To first create this system you have to have things that are already working for you that are beginning to give you the success you are searching for. Systems just make business easier.

“But Breeya!”, you say, “I thought systems are what I just needed in business?”

This is true, systems are necessary, but there is some preliminary work that must be done. First, you must have a clear and precise vision for the future of your business. Clear goals are important so you know the direction you would like your system to take you. Next, you must have a proven track record of sales. Building systems are not for beginning businesses, absolutely not. You have to have a proven (keyword proven) set of tasks that lead to the success you are wanting to see.

Let’s bring this home!

Think of systems in the terms of dating. When you first start to date you go within yourself, right? You figure out what you want, what you offer, what you like, and what you don’t like. Do you want to find your one true love or are you just wanting to find a good friend? Once you do that preliminary work then you have a clear goal, right?

With that clear goal you go out in the world and start to find people that spark your interest. Some people you like while others you find don’t work out for what you want. After a few dates, you may learn you value someone’s career way more than their height. You see now you have found your proven methods that can get you to your end goal.

It’s the same with business. You have to try different systems to find out what really works and what will just crash and burn each time.

You can have the most amazing system but if it isn’t backed by proven golden goodness, all you will produce is sh*t.

Go out there and create your proven process! Once you find what works, come back and we can work on your systems together.

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