• Breeya Johnson

How to Design a Rehabbed House

Designing a home is one of the best parts of the whole rehab process. This is the place where you can really use your imagination and creativity. It is also the place where you actually make your money back… no pressure, right?

It is so important for all investors or design leads to stay up to date with the design trends locally, nationally and worldwide. At times they are the same but, sometimes what is considered “hot” in New York would NOT fly here in Missouri. So, you have to know your demographic and know what they want.

Just like Target, my favorite place to go in life, they tweak some of the products they have on display or in the store based on the demographic of that area. If you did not notice that, go to one target in the city and then drive out to a target closer to the country and you will see a clear difference. Let me drive this home for you, when I go to the Target close to our downtown it has way more business like clothes and Instagram worthy outfits that may be a little risky. Then I will go North closer to the countryside and it will be more casual and flowy clothes options. You have to do that with your design. The interior and, even, exterior design of the house can make or break your chances to make top dollar on your flip. I always say you are not designing for yourself you are designing for your audience.

Here in Kansas City you are starting to see more people gravitate to the “modern style”, “industrial style” and “mid-century modern style”. Those are the three styles that are taking over Kansas City in 2019 and I even predict in 2020. Kansas City we are seeing a HUGE innovation push especially the closer you get to downtown. There are pockets in the Kansas City that seem to have their own style for instance River market, downtown is very industrial while Beacon Hill is very unique modern architecture.

The most common for Kansas City and for is a nationwide trend is mid-century modern. When I think of mid-century modern I think Earth. When it comes to rehabbing I see a lot of woods and a lot of natural light sources and a lot of neutral tones used. When trying a mid-century modern look on a rehab it is always a fun twist to have wood on the ceiling. It is also, good practice to use a lot of white. We all know that white brightens and widens a room and is a good neutral color so, that prospective buyers can truly envision themselves living in the house.

Industrial style is one of my favorite looks for some reason there is nothing sexier than a beautiful industrial chic condo or town-home. The mood of industrial chic is both warm and cold all at the same time, and I probably lost a few of you. Just hang on it will makes sense, i promise. The contrast of the warmth in the browns from brick or wood complimenting the raw metals and exposed duct-work when executed is magical. A lot of times in the industrial style there will be a lot of brows, greys, whites, silver and black. The most important part of this look is the huge natural light sources such as a converted garage doors or huge row of windows.

Modern style home, is such a vague way to say unique minimalist. A lot of times the modern style of house takes up less space and has a unique floor plan surrounded around a unique focal point in the house. This could be a dazzling staircase or a picturistic view captured by a wall of windows. Just like all the other designs a modern style always includes an abundance of natural light. When it comes to colors there is a lot of use of grey and white or taupe then with a punch somewhere of a vibrant color. That splash of color could be seen on the door or through using copper gutters wrapping the house. Each modern design has it own unique flare and is a great way to exercise creativity.