• Breeya Johnson

How to Overcome Complacency Within Your Business

2 months stuck on the couch with the only energy within me was to find the remote to let Netflix know I am still watching my 100th show of the day. Complacency can have many different variations and form across many levels of business. It could mean making more money then you have ever thought you could and no longer having the urge to do more. It could also look like a plateau in your business activity for instance consistently making 6 sales a month.

Complacency can be dangerous, silent, lonely, frustrating but most of all it is a form of self-sabotage. Most of us have a hard time identifying self-sabotage when it can be so subtle as complacency.

This past year I was blessed enough to have made a good amount of money to the point I rewarded my efforts by moving across the country and taking some time off. During that time I grew accustomed to a lifestyle I have not had in a very long time… the couch life. I used covid as an excuse to stay in the house, not work, stay on the couch and isolate. This month off grew to two and tried to creep into three but I realized that I was suffering from complacency.

As always I want to provide you with some easy steps to get back on track. These 3 steps are exactly what I used to get back into the groove of things. Grab a pen and paper and let’s get to work!

Step 1: Motivation Check

The number one reason that leads to complacency is a lack of motivation, true motivation. When your goal is big enough and it truly shakes you within your soul you will be forever moved and motivated.

I was watching an Ed Mylett keynote speech and he was talking about this very topic. He went on to say that at times he envisions that he dies and goes to meet God. When he meets God, God shows him his highest self his divine self that God envisioned him to be. He went on to tell the audience that heaven is where he is introduced to his divine self and he finds him familiar and that they are twins. He completely has accomplished everything that God has set out for him. Then he goes on to explain Hell and how Hell is where God introduces him to his divine self and they are completely strangers.

I love this speech because it empowers you to truly think. Are you the best you? The divine you? When you meet the divine you would you find that person as familiar or would you be complete strangers?

If your goals are not pushing you to be the best you then are really striving for enough?

Step 2: Inner Circle

We all know that saying that “your network is your net worth” and “if you show me your top 5 friends I can show you your future”. Maybe it is time for you to do a quick check in on your friend groups. Are all your friends complacent as well? Can you find accountability within your friends?

One of the most effective ways to get yourself out of being complacent is to surround yourself with high achievers. Here is the thing, driven and high achieving people are the first to encourage you to be more, do more and have more. I would highly encourage you to surround yourself within a next level mindset.

The best way to find high achieving people is to get in a mastermind. I am a huge fan of masterminds and the access they can give you. There are many masterminds either local, nationwide, based on income, based industry, online or in person. When you are finding yourself being complacent this is the best place to go to push you to do more.

Step 3: Results List

Now this tool is something I cannot take credit for. This tool was created by Rachel Hollis and it is so powerful especially when you are trying to get back in the grove of things. Rachel introduced me to the results list. It is a more detailed and glamorous to do list. A results list is not just another task list but it is a detailed list of things you must and will accomplish for that day.

When I started to get out of my two month funk I had to start with one “result” for the day. Once I consistently did my one result then I slowly added more. The difference from a traditional to-do list and a results list is the details in the task.

For example, a to-do list would say “call 5 people” but a results list would say “Call Mary, Shelia, Tan, Grace and David for a follow up call from inquiry on the website and if I do not close 2 out of the 5 I will call Kyle, Mike and Laura”. Do you see the difference?

With the traditional list my brain is given more ways to find shortcuts and not do the true work that will move me closer to my goal. My brain would say 5 people okay perfect… let’s just call your mother, father, grandpa, sister and bestie. With the results list you cannot find the shortcut your brain will have to accomplish exactly what is on the list to be able to cross it off for the day.

These are the 3 steps that helped me to overcome complacency in my business. If you follow these steps you will slowly but surely start to align yourself with your divine self so that one day you will be able to see true heaven.