• Breeya Johnson

The Passion That Invoked a Need For Change

Growing up all my life I watched my mother worked day and night sometimes legit 12 to 18 hour shifts with no break. How would I know that? I would go to work with her and my sister. I remember my mother working at a nursing home and she worked the night shift. I just remember playing in the halls and hearing everyone’s story about life and about love. My sister and I would even go in people’s rooms and steal their wheelchairs and race them down the hall. Hey, we were just kids. Stories like that can go on for days like, how my sister and I would help our mom when she was a waitress at Ryan’s. Oh man, that was heaven, my sister and I would just eat all day, because it was a buffet, and color in one of the booths. For as long as I can remember, my mother was a fighter, a hustler, a hard worker but for some reason never got ahead, ever.

No matter how hard she worked we were always short on something...food, bills. But, at the last moment my mother would swoop in and find that last package of hot dogs and slice them up and fry them with a potato. She would always amaze me how she figured it out.

It just makes me think what if she did not have to? What if my mother was taught to live differently? To invest not in the stock market but, in herself? What if my mother was taught how to create something for herself, her future? What if she was taught how to invest in real estate so she could be that hands-on mom while still making money and creating a future for herself?

Would my life change? Would my outlook on life and money change? Would I have more access to things? How would that affect my family?

When I gained the knowledge in my twenties about real estate investing a light bulb went off. The real estate industry makes more millionaires than any other industry and is one of the oldest ways to accumulate wealth. A lot of people believe the real estate industry is to blame for the continual oppression of some cultures in the United States. A lot of cultures were unable to purchase homes in certain areas called red lining. This made it harder for other people outside of these desirable neighbors to acquire quality homes and have the ability to create wealth, by appreciation. I mean the real estate investing game has some real power behind it.

So, it makes me think, what if my mother had the same knowledge of real estate investing as America’s wealthiest people, let me tell you, sh*t would be different! My mission is to educate as many people as I can! People who want to create something different for themselves, for their family, and for generations to come. I want to share everything I have learned on my real estate journey with everyone who will listen. There is an abundance on this Earth for all of us to have the safety, the insurance that real estate can provide.

Not only do I want to help people learn the importance of investing in real estate, I want to teach people the importance in just investing. Investing in themselves, investing in relationships, investing in edu

cation, investing in your higher power. Investing is so much more to me than placing some money here or there. Investing also can mean time, energy and love. I want to help others make the most of their time here on Earth. I want to be that friend that my mother needed that would say “hey, here is what you should be doing, it is time to start working smarter not harder and here is how.” Let me be that friend for you.