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Business Planning

This year is your year so take full advantage of every day. This guide will help you to turn your goals into a strategic action plan.  

Real Estate

Property Eval

Assessing a property for the first time can be scary so, we created the perfect guy to evaluate the scoop of work needed.

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5 Social Media Hacks

Social media isn't only for personal use anymore it is a great place to grab some new clients. This guy will show you 5 ways realtors fail at social media. 

Impact REI Course

The complete blueprint to launch and grow your real estate investing business. Are you ready for a different life? What if I told you, you could transform your life with real estate, would you? With this course you will cut back years of failures and lessons because I have complied all my knowledge and my colleagues knowledge so, that you can have a blueprint that will lead you to a fast track to success. 

Impact REI Mastermind

Are you ready to grow your real estate investing business but do not know where exactly to start? Would you like to learn the tips and tricks I used to leverage personal relationships to purchase property? If you are looking for a group of inspiring people to bounce ideas off of and learn from the Impact REI mastermind is perfect for you! 

Pathfinders Mastermind

A bit unsure on what your purpose is but, you know you are called for greatness? Do you have this gut feeling that you should be providing something amazing to this world but you do not know what? Pathfinders mastermind provides an environment for inspiration to grow so, you can find your impact.

Are you ready to purchase your first investment property?